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Savile Row tailoring x Orange pocket lining

Superdry x Timothy Everest 'Town Coat' orange pocket lined

Elegant tailoring courtesy of former Savile Row tailor, Timothy Everest, combined with that fresh Superdry style – bright orange pocket linings, internal loops for headphone wires & more.

Town Coat ($335 USD) from Superdry x Timothy Everest

Superdry x Joseph Cheaney & Sons Brogue Collection


Today we look at the Superdry x Joseph Cheaney & Sons, a collaboration that looks so smart that it’ll make any wearer appear stupid and dumbfounded. Wait a minute – that came out wrong. In all honesty, the heritage brogue collection offers the wearer a durable and comfortable long-lasting casual shoe that retains a level of class that most ‘casual’ shoes surrender. Superdry and Joseph Cheaney & Sons have created something extraordinary. They have created a collection that is perfectly balanced between functionality and classic style; very smart. Read more…