All Signs Point to YES: scuffed tropical print sneakers

Down & Dirty Golden Goose Tropical Print Sneakers

“Where the FUCK have you been?!” screaming at the top of her lungs, while the neck veins around her choroidal artery become more apparent with each breath. She grows more furious by the second, but I remain calm. I continue to chew a half stick of my Big Red gum because chewing a full stick is just disgusting. “Well?” Her tone eases. I continue my stone cold gaze, eyebrows slightly lowered, eyes scanning as anticipate her next move. Her facial expression loosens. She is no longer as tense, her eye contact breaks and she looks at my footwear. Does she recognize the label? Does she know they’re Italian made? Can she see the exposed zip closure on the side? Is she aware that those scuff marks are artificial – a signature of Golden Goose? She breaks into a smile, jumps into my arms and gives my lifeless body a hug. “Babe you should’ve called me, I was worried sick when you didn’t show up 4 hours ago.” All signs point to YES.

Tropical Francy sneakers ($495 USD) from Golden Goose

Artificial Scuff Marks Hi Top Sneakers

Golden Goose Floral tropic print scuff makrs, well worn