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Red Leopard Superstar sneakers

Golden Goose Red Leopard Superstar sneakers

Red, burgundy and black uppers with a leopard print. Read more…

All Signs Point to YES: scuffed tropical print sneakers

Down & Dirty Golden Goose Tropical Print Sneakers

“Where the FUCK have you been?!” screaming at the top of her lungs, while the neck veins around her choroidal artery become more apparent with each breath. Read more…

Golden Goose Well Worn Collection, Distressed Sneakers

Golden Goose Well Worn Collection

It’s all about character, and well worn clothing offers all the character a sneaker can handle. Read more…

Are these the BEST women’s running shoes?


The best running shoes come with a price

Golden Goose is a high-end Italian designer brand, and it’s no wonder we are presented with such a remarkably high price tag; but then again, you get what you pay for. The Golden Goose Marked Running Sneakers offer us materials and craftsmanship that has not been seen in other women’s running shoes. Read more…