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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Brad Pitt in Prison

Arnold Schwarzenneger Tattoos

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Amazing Droid 48h Edward Norton Commercial

Droid 48 Hour Commercial Edward Norton

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Animal Staple Removers

Animal Staple Removers

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“If You’re Black, Don’t Go To Louis Vuitton Today” – Kanye West

Kanye West War on Louis Vuitton

“I don’t understand why I have to take a meeting with Kanye West.”

– Bernard Arnault

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Japanese Cat Shirts

Japanese Cat Shirts hiroko kubota embroidered 1

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Hipsters in Stone

Hipsters in stone ancient statues modern day clothing 1

Every wonder what those ancient statues would look like in modern day clothing? Neither did we but since Léo Caillard took the time to create these, we thought we’d share them with you…enjoy: Read more…

The Most Expensive Game Boy Ever

Most Expensive Gameboy 18k Gold & Diamonds

The case was replaced with 18k yellow gold, and finished off with diamonds along the screen panel’s boarder. This expensive toy weighs 27oz (765g) and costs $29,000.


Daft Punk Fashion For You (Black & White)

Daft Punk Fashion 1

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Antique 1920s men’s fashion illustrations

Antique 1920s men's fashion illustrations main

It’s funny how everyone in the ’20s looks like a gangster to someone living in the 21st century. Read more…

Retron 5: 9 retro gaming systems in 1

Retron 5 Retro gaming system

For the gamers who love the classic video games such as Sonic, Streetfighter, Super Mario Bros and even Kirby – we’ve got great news for you. Read more…