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Complex COPIES Vibe Magazine. How Despicable!

Complex copies Vibe 2pac Lil Wayne

It’s better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation.


Ancient shoe-shaped perfume flask from 1st century B.C.

1st Century BC Shoe Shaped Perfume Flask

Just goes to show that people have been working on their fragrance game for quite some time… Read more…

Gourmet jello shots to class-up the evening

Mini Waffle Gourmet Jello Shots

What better way to start the day than with some gourmet jello shots? Read more…

Astronaut Pillowcase & Bed Sheets

Astronaut Pillow Case & Bed Sheets

Astronauts are revered by all (not just hot women). Surprise your son, nephew or younger brother with these sheets.

Astronaut Bed Sheets & Pillowcase ($80 USD) from Snurk

Nothing Beats an Astronaut. Ever.

AXE Nothing Beats an Astronaut. Ever. Commercials

Think firefighters and lifeguards get all the chicks? Pfft, think again… Read more…

Shave Like a Man & Use an Axe
Worn out beat up gloves tell a story of violence, Mike Tyson
Stephen Wildish's White Beard Power Level Diagram

From Black & White to Color: Adding color to historical images


Artist, Mads Madsen brings us the colorized versions of historical photos – AMAZING! What’s more amazing is that these stunning re-makes only take him 20-30 minutes per portrait to colorize; and slightly longer for an outdoor shot with lots of details. Check out his portfolio here. Enjoy the images below: Read more…

Filmography 2012: 300 Best Films from 2012 Trailer

Filmography 2012 Trailer, the best 300 films from 2012

A brilliant wrap-up trailer of 300 films of 2012; edited by Gen Ip. For full list of films and music used in this amazing trailer, click here. Read more…