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Vintage Style Matte Black Military watch

Military Vietnam watch matte black

US Military Vietnam Watch, Military Watch Co. ($66 USD). Azalea Boutique

Military Watch Co’s $300 ANSWER to the Rolex Submariner

Military Watch Company 21 Jewel PVD Auto Submariner, cheap Rolex alternative

Military Watch Co. (MWC) has a great and affordable alternative to Rolex’s Submariner, worn by James Bond. MWC has a 21 jewel automatic movement watch with the stylish military strap, for $299 USD. Military Watch Co. manufactures really nice quality watches; this isn’t just some cheap ‘replica’ this is the best under $300 alternative to the original Submariner by Rolex – 200m/660ft water resistant.

21 Jewel PVD Auto Submariner ($299 USD) from Military Watch Co.available here.

Don’t RUIN his Holiday: Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2012


This is a full-proof guide that will help you find the right gift for him. Guys can be tricky to please during the gift exchange so we’ve made a guide to help you with some Christmas gift ideas for your son, brother, father, friend, boyfriend, or husband. We’ve set up 3 categories, there’s even one that’ll save you money. Let’s get this show on the road: Read more…

NATO strap heaven, MCW Military Watch Company


If you’re a fan of those NATO military watch straps we’ve got good news, MCW’s G10 collection is available online. Affordable military style watches with those funky NATO straps in all colors. More after the jump Read more…