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What Type of Shoe is That?

What Type of Shoe is That Soletopia guide shoe terminology oxford blucher derby balmoral

We decided it was time to update Soletopia’s Guide to Shoe Terminology with a Dappered-inspired infographic. This was made as a rough guide to help people understand the shoe terms that get thrown around. We’ve covered the Oxford, Blucher, Derby, Balmoral, Saddle, Austerity, Brogue (half, full and quarter), Monk, Spectator & more. We also look at the different toe cap terms such as, the Cap Toe, Medallion & Perforated. More after the break: Read more…

Allen Edmonds Strand

Allen Edmonds Strand

Strand from Allen Edmondsavailable here

Madras Jacket x Goose Cane

Madras Jacket x Goose Cane

trousers; Jack Wills
jacket; Bobby From Boston
shoes; Allen Edmonds – View Zappos’ Collection Read more…

Sophisticated Brown Shoes & Belt on Bookshelf

Sophisticated Brown Shoes on Bookshelf

Very strong collaboration.

Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothersavailable here


Don’t RUIN his Holiday: Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2012


This is a full-proof guide that will help you find the right gift for him. Guys can be tricky to please during the gift exchange so we’ve made a guide to help you with some Christmas gift ideas for your son, brother, father, friend, boyfriend, or husband. We’ve set up 3 categories, there’s even one that’ll save you money. Let’s get this show on the road: Read more…

Allen Edmonds quality brogue boots



boots; Allen Edmonds ‘Dalton’available here


Allen Edmonds welcomes you to Eagle Country


De. Li. Cious.

boots; Allen Edmonds ‘Eagle County’

blue Neumoks


Love those contrast laces.

shoes; Allen Edmonds ‘Neumok’available here.

Looking fresh and polished

Shiny shoes, freshly polished - Allen Edmonds 'Strand'

Never underestimate the prestige of a freshly polished shoe. These shoes are very similar to the Allen Edmonds ‘Strand’available here. The brand’s initials are AR.

Allen Edmonds ‘Neumok’ oxford collection


With the return of HBO’s hit series drama Boardwalk Empire, we’ve decided to embark on a hunt for stylish wingtip oxfords – a task much harder than it seems. We wanted to find a wingtip that would fit the wardrobe of our infamous protagonist/antagonist, Nucky Thompson. Today we look at a beautiful pair by Allen Edmonds. Read more…