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Is Minuum the Next Big Thing?

Minuum fast accurate keyboard

First there was the standard QWERTY, then Swype, then Predictive (SwiftKey) and now this. Read more…

Why Adobe Photoshop Touch is Awesome

Why Adobe Photoshop Touch is Awesome

$4.99 will put the best image editing software on the planet, right in your hands. Read more…

ARD Studio Concept Socialmatic Instagram Camera to be Manufactured by Polaroid

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Polaroid 1

In May of last year we were shown a concept Instagram camera called the Socialmatic; fast forward almost a year later and the gadget is ready for production. Read more…

Anti-Gravity Ballpoint Space Pen Cil?

Anit-Gravity Ballpoint Space Pen cil Apolis 1

NASA spent Millions creating a pen that would write in space…the Soviets just used a pencil

Read more…

Google Glass = Futurama EyePhone?

Google Glass Futurama EyePhone 1

A little under a year ago we were presented the Google Glass project, a futuristic voice operated smartphone device that attaches itself to your field of vision…sound familiar? If you watch Futurama, it should. Read more…

the Autographer photo camera: Reinventing Photography


A new camera appeared on the market last week, perfect for bloggers and photo enthusiasts who wish to capture their moments hands free. It’s very small but extremely sophisticated. The Autographer is a one of a kind wearable camera with a wide-angle lens that is perfect for anyone on the go. Read more…